Phyllida Barlow

I’m starting to enjoy the feeling of freedom from structured studying to explore other avenues of creativity. A framework for study is necessary for assessments, but even my choice and decisions for body of work and dissertation at times felt like a noose around my neck and left no time (allowing for work too) to explore and let my mind wander in different directions.

This video on the life and work of Phyllida Barlow was inspiring. In particular her use of materials to create monumental sculpture. The process appeared rough and random, the manipulation of materials clumsy and brutal. The vision hidden until installation.

The inspiration (for me) is to persist, work through challenges, experiment and try to realise that initial concept. Food can be particularly challenging to work with, there may be only seconds to capture an image as I want it to look and am often disappointed with the end result but run out of time or materials to keep working the image.

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