Portfolio Review

I downloaded a free portfolio guide a few days ago. Written by Kimberly Espinel from thelittleplantation.co.uk This is Kimberly’s introduction:

“A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to have a face
to face meeting with folks from one of London’s TOP
photography agencies. It’s here where the most
recognisable and cherished brands go to find
photographers to shoot their amazing and lucrative
billboard and ad campaigns. In other words, these
agencies know what it takes to get noticed by stellar
clients and how to get booked for major five figure
food photography jobs!

The chat I had with the agents that day was eye
opening and taught me so, so much about what
secret sauce your portfolio needs to have so you get
hired for the food photography assignments you pine

So today, I’d like to leave you with some of the
insights I obtained from my discussion with the
agency; I hope it gives you the info need to craft your
portfolio to perfection”.

The most important points for me is that clients and agents want to see versatility within a portfolio. I have gradually whittled my portfolio down to include only my own work although I have a small archive of commercial work that demonstrates a broader approach. I am in the process of working through past images to see how I could give greater balance to my portfolio.

I have not had a reply to my email to The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year requesting help with a photographer who would be prepared to review my portfolio. I am in the process of drawing up a short list of photographers and will contact them directly.

I emailed the following message:


I am a final year photography degree student and as part of my final module, ‘Sustaining Your Practice’ I am required to request a portfolio review from a professional photographer.

I have a particular interest in still life and food photography, and would like to ask if you would consider providing a review of my portfolio?

I do appreciate the time involved and would expect to pay a fee if you are able to help.

Kind regards

to the following photographers:

Gareth Morgans, Stephen Conroy, Tim Hill, Simon Smith, Danielle Wood, The Food Photographer, David Munns and Tina Wing. I chose leading commercial photographers rather than Instagram / lifestyle photographers because I think this will be a better fit for my portfolio.

Danielle Wood has been kind enough to reply almost immediately offering to help.

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